The Multiplayer Meta

When people talk about a game’s meta, they can mean lots of things: having knowledge of what decks other people are running, keeping track of the game’s health, direction and future, and keeping up with the newest neutered cards in the pool that were cut down to size by the latest FAQ. So, what am I referring to when I say Multiplayer Meta?! MM(if you will)  is all about having a knowledge of things that make a multiplayer co-op game run well. Simple as that. We’ll be covering topics like if and how you should adjust your play style when a new player shows up to your group, how do you run a successful Saga Campaign when a group attendance isn’t always regular, along with other topics like how to shake things up when you’ve been playing the game for awhile. Below you will find all of these topics and more covered in greater depth. And, if you have a topic you don’t see listed, feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments below!!!


Also, check out the rest of the Multiplayer Master Series Below!!!!


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