Multiplayer Mastery

Welcome to Fielding the Fellowship, the page on this blog where you will find links to all my posts about the ins and outs of playing The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game with friends!!! While Building the Fellowship is about the different ways you can go about constructing a fellowship and Fielding the Fellowship is all about playing the game and putting the various fellowships on this site to action, Multiplayer Master is about the myriad aspects of playing LOTR LCG multiplayer that makes the game so fun, rewarding and, often times, quite a challenge!

This series contains three types of posts:

  • The Heroes’ Hurdles, which are all about the in-game challenges that our heroes face that can sometimes make 3 and 4-player games difficult to tackle.
  • The Multiplayer Meta, which covers the many joys and challenges of playing this great game in a group.
  • Random Rants, which is where  I talk about any and everything multiplayer that’s on my heart, regardless of the topic.

Just click on the links above to take navigate to the sub-series of interest!!!