Shadows of the Past
Shadows of the Past

Hi, all! My name is Rob and I’d like to welcome you to A Very Good Tale, my blog about all things multiplayer in Fantasy Flight Games’ The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Here you will find series on 4-player fellowship deck builds (powered by RingsDB), general topics regarding the joys and challenges facing both the heroes and players alike, and accounts of the most epic moments of some of my 4-handed, solo play-throughs.

And, now, for a little bit about me. I first came to table-top gaming in late 2014 and The Lord of the Rings LCG was one of the first games that I picked up. Like so many who come to this great game, I was immediately hooked. I didn’t have anyone to play the game with for a while, but, by chance encounter, I ran into Dan from Hall Of Beorn at an FLGS in Austin, TX and have been playing with him and his group off and on since then.

I really love playing this game in a group; it’s so much more fun that way! You get to see what decks others are building firsthand, experience other play-styles, and the camaraderie of playing a co-op game together can’t be beat! Having never played any other deck constructing games, I’d have to say I’ve definitely learned a lot from those guys.

Now, when I don’t have a group to play with, I like to play 4-handed, solo. This is where one player runs 4 player-decks together by his/herself as if playing a 4-player game. Now, to some, that may seem like utter torture, but I’ve found it’s one of my favorite ways to play the game. I will be talking quite a bit about this as the blog continues, so for any solo players who want to know more about this way to play the game, stay tuned.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoy this blog and that it makes for A Very Good Tale.


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