New series!!! Card Reviews!!!

Hello, all! Rob, here to announce a new series where I will be doing card reviews of as many cards as I possibly can, starting with the Heroes in the order they were released! Now, since RingsDB is here and has a place to review each player card, I will be posting my reviews on that site as much as possible. However, since you can only post one review for each point of reputation that you have on RingsDB, it may be slow going at first. But give it time, as I plan to be pretty active on that site in the coming days and, hopefully, my reputation shall grow. As I said, the plan is to do as many card reviews as possible, so this will become quite the series. As I complete each review, I will add a link to that card on my RingsDB Card Reviews page, so check back there from time to time to see what new cards have been posted. I hope you will enjoy reading the reviews as much as I will enjoy working on them!!!


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