Hello, all! Rob, here, to go over a little about what you can expect from this blog. So, as I’ve stated, A Very Good Tale is, over all, about playing The Lord of the Rings LCG in groups of 3 or 4 players.  As I said in my welcome entry, there are a few series of posts that I would like to write on a regular basis to help provide resources for those who play our beloved game multiplayer.

Building Alliances

First, and foremost, I plan to provide a series of 4-deck fellowship builds that complement each other in a multiplayer game. The plan is to present each fellowship over a series of 5-6 articles. Thus, each set of builds will make up a mini-series all by itself. The first post will discuss the general strategy in mind behind the 4 decks that I will be developing in that series. This should provide plenty of fodder for readers to first be inspired to try their own builds of the given types before going through the fellowship that I will be discussing in the series. I will then present my hero line-up for the 4 (sometimes only 3) decks most likely in a second post. The next 3-4 articles will cover each deck separately and will discuss my considerations in building that deck and what the various cards are purposed for within the context of the 12 hero line-up. The final post will be a summary of a play-though of some scenario using the developed decks, including a critique of how well the decks worked together, with some ideas for tweaking. I will, of course, post the completed fellowship on RingsDB and link to it from the deck page on this blog.

Let Us Risk Some Light

The next type of post will be a series of discussions on topics that are either unique to multiplayer games, or that take on a whole new meaning when multiple players/decks are involved. These will range from in-game challenges that the players must be prepared to face together (e.g. those awful times when 4 encounter cards surge into 8), to the logistics that a group faces external to the game itself (e.g. how come a twenty minutes solo game can take 2+ hours for a group of 4!), all the way to play style considerations and rule variants (e.g. is it really okay to play in easy mode for certain quests?). Through such discussions, I hope to shed some insight on the different ways to approach the challenges that LOTR LCG can bring to both our adventurers and to the players.

Putting the Fellowship to the Test

The final type of post that I have in mind is 3 and 4-player run-throughs of some of my favorite scenarios using the fellowships that I will be creating for this site. To be more specific, I will emulate the multiplayer experience by playing the games 3/4-handed, solo, as it would be difficult to even record just a round-by-round summary of what happens in a 4 player game when there are actually 4 players who just want to have a good time. Through these play-throughs, I want to show the finished, play-tested decks that I will be building in action. I’ve even thought about doing a full on progression series, which sounds like a lot of fun, but a lot of work, to do. I’m doing some research to see exactly how to do this part of the blog, but I’m excited to explore and find out the best way to present this type of post.

A Love of Tales

Well, I hope that clarifies my intentions for this blog. Between designing compatible decks, weighing in on issues relevant to multiplayers, and playing the hell out of my favorite game, I expect to have a blast contributing to the LOTR LCG community. If you have any other ideas for a direction this blog could go, put it in the comments below. Until next time, happy questing!!!


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